How Can Utilities Improve Customer Satisfaction Ratings?

How Can Utilities Improve Customer Satisfaction Ratings?

The energy industry is continuously working to improve customer satisfaction, and industry executives are watching. According to the latest J.D. Power study, customer satisfaction has increased for the seventh consecutive year in the industry.

Improved prices and communications saw the biggest gains to improve customer satisfaction in 2017, the study found. The J.D. Power Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study also notes the utility industry implements customer satisfaction improvements at a slower rate than other industries, however.

What Works

A white paper by former California Public Utilities Commissioner Timothy Alan Simon found customers have experienced some improvements. These include cost savings due to record-low natural gas prices, more energy efficient appliances and buildings, declining energy usage and a population shift to the south.

Simon’s white paper also examined customer satisfaction, citing an Accenture Global Consumer Trends Survey that found more than half of customers switched businesses or brands in 2013 because of poor customer service. More than 80 percent of those who switched said their former service provider could have done something to retain their business.

While the J.D. Power study showed an overall increase, the American Customer Satisfaction Index has shown slow improvement. However, more gains and losses than an overall year-over-year gain. The ACSI also shows that reliable service, information, corporate citizenship and courtesy toward customers are among the top customer experience benchmarks.

Earlier studies have shown that customers want information and choice – and when a utility offers customers programs or services in which they can chose to participate, their satisfaction increases. In addition, customers want more communication from their utilities, the study showed.

Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

So how can utilities provide more choice and communication, thereby enhancing their customer satisfaction? A partnership with HomeServe USA enables utilities to offer their customers valuable repair plans for electric service line, water heaters and other home systems.

One in three homeowners don’t have even $500 set aside for an emergency home repair, according to HomeServe USA’s State of the Home survey. HomeServe can provide protection to utility customers who aren’t prepared for an emergency repair and increase customer satisfaction at the same time – at no cost to partner utilities.

HomeServe USA has an A-plus accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and an award-winning customer service team. Putting the customer first is how HomeServe does business.

A partnership with HomeServe brings your customers emergency home repair plans that deliver best-in-class service from rigorously vetted local contractors. Learn more about how a partnership can benefit utilities and their customers at

Jackson MUA Charity Grants Awarded through HomeServe USA Contract

Jackson MUA Charity Grants Awarded through HomeServe USA Contract

JACKSON-The Jackson Municipal Utility Authority has awarded their 2017 grants to local charities through their deal with HomeServe USA, a private line insurance vendor.  The MUA selected HomeServe USA in 2008 to allow the company to solicit option water and sewer line coverage for its ratepayers.

This year, the authority chose nine charities in town, each receiving an equal grant.  This year, more charities became aware of the program after stories ran in JTOWN Magazine regarding the bulk of previous funding going to a charity run by Jackson Township Councilman Ken Bressi.
  • Adopt A Senior Organization
  • Bread From Heaven Café
  • Cub Scout Pack 204
  • Jackson Diamond Baseball Club
  • Jackson Liberty High School Cheerleading
  • Jackson Memorial High School Football Parents Club
  • Jackson Township Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association
  • Jackson Township High School Scholarship Fund, Inc.
  • Veteran’s Memorial Garden

This year the MUA did not provide funding to Inches of Hope Children’s Cancer Foundation, run by Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina’s wife, Laura.  Reina’s foundation helps local children with cancer.  The foundation was started after the Reinas learned their granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer.

Also not receiving funding this year was the Jackson Food Pantry.  In prior years, the Food Pantry received a total of $20,729.65 to feed Jackson’s hungry.
Bressi’s charity received the second most funding during the program, receiving over $8,479.65. Most charities during that period received betweeen $1,000 and $2,650 in funding.
The MUA did not reveal the amounts awarded to each charity but said each received an equal share of the total funding available.