Andrew DeCastro Articles

Energy Efficiency: Why Are Some Homeowners Unengaged?

There are three types of homeowners who are less likely to pursue energy efficiency measures: those who are unaware of the value of regular home maintenance and have an “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality; those who are aware of the issue, but are low- to moderate-income households who can’t afford home maintenance or upgrades; and those who are newer to home ownership and have little experience with maintenance.

Energy Resilience Difficult for Some Homeowners

Energy resilience, while vitally important, is becoming more and more challenging in the face of increased extreme weather events which are projected to cause more frequent and longer power outages. The COVID-19 pandemic is further compounding resiliency issues for...

Improve Satisfaction by Offering Recommendations from a Trusted Advisor

The energy industry is transforming from the bottom up, and consumers expect personalized recommendations that echoes their experiences with companies such as Netflix and Amazon.

Free Roundtable: Planning for a Changing Environment

The one thing we can depend on in the energy industry right now is change – from the proliferation of DERs to concerns about cybersecurity, the industry hasn’t seen such turmoil since its beginnings. In this changing environment, utilities, regulators and even...