Millennials Articles

Energy Efficiency: Why Are Some Homeowners Unengaged?

Energy efficiency is an important part of many utilities’ demand-side management and outreach efforts, but your message may be ignored, or your customer simply may not be able afford the repairs, replacements or upgrades needed to make their homes more energy...

Improve Satisfaction by Offering Recommendations from a Trusted Advisor

The energy industry is transforming from the bottom up, and consumers expect personalized recommendations that echoes their experiences with companies such as Netflix and Amazon.

Economic Shock Poses Problem for Millennials

Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest generation currently in the workforce, and the oldest members of the generation are staring down 40. They also make up a significant component of the energy consumer market. Also, they’re more vulnerable to...

Solar Energy: A Path to the Future

Solar energy prices have seen a sustained decrease – it once cost 20 times as much as coal to generate the same amount of energy with solar panels. However, the price dropped by more than 90 percent and is now comparable to fossil fuels. Solar distributed energy...

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