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Utility as Facilitator of Residential Electric Vehicle Experience – Digital Presentation

HomeServe, a leading provider of utility-sponsored home repair programs, conducted a study of EV owners to better understand consumer knowledge of and participation with utility programs, incentives, and home charging options as they related to the residential...

Improve Satisfaction by Offering Recommendations from a Trusted Advisor

The energy industry is transforming from the bottom up, and consumers expect personalized recommendations that echoes their experiences with companies such as Netflix and Amazon.

Reduce Call Center Inbound and Outbound Call Agent Turnover

Call center turnover rates can be two or three times that of other industries, meaning a third to nearly half of your inbound and outbound call agents are in training. This can have an impact not only on your bottom line, but also consumer satisfaction. At HomeServe,...

Battery Electric Vehicle Survey Offers EV Charger Insights for Utilities

At HomeServe we continually monitor major trends facing our energy utility partners and prospective partners. One category, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), is showing potential to greatly impact the energy sector. According to our analysis based on data from the...

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