We are on the verge of a rooftop solar energy boom – the cost of installing a home solar system has plummeted by 70 percent over a decade ago, and 80 percent of U.S. homes are considered “solar viable.”

In addition, states such as California are considering or have passed legislation requiring new builds to be solar equipped, and Congress has renewed the solar incentive tax credit at 26 percent through 2022 and at 22 percent through 2023. With all these factors in play, it’s no surprise that the residential market is forecasted to double in size to 6 million homes within five years.

While many solar installation companies sell rooftop systems as “set it and forget it,” this is just not true – the average lifetime maintenance cost for a home solar system is $6,000. Additionally, 30% of solar owners are “orphaned” because their installer has gone out of business, making it unlikely that these customers will see any post-installation support despite any warranty promised at signing.

A study conducted by HomeServe found that 71 percent of homeowners with a solar system had a maintenance or repair issue, 62 percent were concerned that their system would malfunction in the future and a whopping 89 percent were interested in obtaining a maintenance plan through their energy provider. This desire for their energy provider to provide a plan isn’t a surprise, because utilities often partner with third parties to offer pertinent services to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

HomeServe has developed a first-to-market solution to ensure optimal performance from solar systems through regular inspection and maintenance. The Rooftop Solar Maintenance Plan includes one annual 50-point system inspection, an annual insect and animal pest removal service call and a discounted annual panel cleaning service. There are few places where homeowners can turn to obtain a maintenance plan that includes these services, as most panel and inverter suppliers and national and local installers don’t offer them.

Offering a solar maintenance plan through a third-party is a turn-key solution to a problem that not only customers, but regulators, may soon be turning to utilities for help with as solar adoption grows. HomeServe is offering this program at a low monthly cost, with no deductibles or call-out fees; we provide 24/7/365 live-agent, multi-lingual call center support; and services performed by thoroughly vetted and licensed solar technicians.

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